Verizon Broadband Upgrade!

The New York State Broadband Program has created a "Residential Broadband Availability Address Look-Up and Mapping Feature" regarding Phase 3 broadband expansion, and has given our township a sneak-peak of this tool.  This feature allows you to input your address to see if your home will be included in the Verizon Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) broadband expansion in Stratford.

Please click https://nysbroadband.ny.gov/resources/residential-broadband to be taken to the official NYS Broadband Program website.  First, input your address, then click "Search."  If you see "Verizon Communications" with a download speed of 100 Mbps, congratulations!  Your home will soon be wired to one of the fastest broadband choices in the nation. 
The New York State Broadband Program would love any and all input on this tool, so if you have any comments to make regarding the functionality of this website before its official launch, please feel free to direct your comments to my email:  StratfordTownClerk@hotmail.com.
- Heather VanDenburgh, Town Clerk
Code Enforcement